Who Are Smaller Earth?

Smaller Earth is a youth travel and cultural exchange provider operating in Liverpool since 1999. Smaller Earth started as Camp Leaders, the summer camp provider sending applicants to work in summer camps across the US. Since this time, Smaller Earth has grown to now offer global work and travel, volunteering, and internships across the globe.

We recruit, support and guide applicants through every step of their journey and we’re here to answer any of your questions.

Why are Smaller Earth and LJMU working together?

LJMU’s vision is to enable all LJMU students to engage in an international opportunity. Smaller Earth, with it’s vast portfolio of programmes aims to support LJMU in this mission by send students on hand-picked work travel and volunteer programmes developed to enhance their university degree and career prospects.

How can Smaller Earth help my students?

Smaller Earth aim to help the LJMU students engage in any work, travel and cultural exchange programme available to them. With programmes ranging from childcare, conservation and TEFL courses there is a programme for every course at LJMU. We have established a number of relationships with staff throughout LJMU and we're always looking for opportunities to create even more. We also work directly with lecturers in creating new programmes to suit the needs and wants of their students. We now offer two programmes exclusively to LJMU students as a result of our relationships with lecturers. These are our Not For Profit USA and Volunteer Nepal programmes. 

Our programmes are designed to enhance your student’s CV’s and ultimately increase their employability post university. Our hope is that by engaging in one of our programmes, students are able to apply their experiences to help develop a greater understanding of the course curriculum.

If you're interested in arranging a meeting to talk about the oppourtunties avaible to your students, or you'd like to arrange a presentation for your students, please email Alex Ferguson, the LJMU project lead at a.ferguson@smallerearth.com 

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