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LJMU & Smaller Earth have established a partnership to enable LJMU students to have the opportunity to engage in international opportunities. Smaller Earth was established in Liverpool in 1999 as a cultural exchange and travel provider. We’re based right in the heart of Liverpool, always have been and always will be. We're extremely passionate about impactful travel experiences and we're fully committed in providing every LJMU student with the opportunity for a cultural, volunteer or work based travel experience. We’re here to help you find the perfect overseas travel programme for you to engage in to help you develop and enhance both your confidence and capability in international settings. Whether you’re looking for an experience to fill your summer break, a graduation gap year or even a shorter programme to enhance the work experience for your course we have something for every LJMU student.

The Smaller Earth Team

Words from your Pro Vice Chancellor:

"As a university we are setting ambitious plans for increasing international student registrations and providing opportunities for students to engage with international cultures during their time at the University.

Working in partnership with Smaller Earth is a new and exciting step for us. Many of our previous and current students have already undertaken programme activity with Smaller Earth as an individual. In developing a cultural partnership with Smaller Earth we together intend to enable many more students to experience new cultures, societies and communities.

Our joint vision is to provide cultural, volunteer and work opportunities for students to develop and enhance both their confidence and capability in international settings.

Our joint intention is to develop new bespoke international opportunities for our students that will impact on and enhance their programme of study at the University.

I hope you find something of interest with Smaller Earth and I welcome your suggestions of how we can expand on the opportunities currently available.”

   Edward Harcourt, LJMU Pro Vice Chancellor

The Way We Do Things Around Here

We’ve grown a lot since our conception in 1999. With 12 country offices around the world we send thousands of people on once in a lifetime opportunities designed to enrich their lives.

Every single member of our team has taken part in a Smaller Earth programme and we all believe in the value of cultural exchange activities; it also means we’ve amassed a wealth of travel experience. We’ve been through the process before and understand the hesitations you have when it comes to planning your trip and we’re here to help you however we can. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our hands-on approach and we love nothing more than LJMU students stopping by the office to plan their summer travels. 


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