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  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • Thailand
How You Can Make a Difference by Volunteering with RGV

Are you looking for a unique experience abroad with added value and meaning? Are you wanting to make an impact in areas such as Africa or Asia? Would you like to get to know an unknown country, its people and culture intensively and support social/ecological projects? Then Rainbow Garden Village is for you!! 

Since 1999, RGV has supported selected projects in ten emerging and developing countries, through meaningful volunteer assignments, as well as targeted donations of money or materials.

Whether volunteer work, internship abroad or taking a sabbatical, RGV promote inter-cultural exchanges and build bridges between people and cultures.

Each stay abroad with RGV is a unique and individual experience. Volunteers broaden their horizons on a daily basis in their encounters with the local community. 

By participating in these projects, volunteers grow and develop every day, by tackling issues in the community that the projects aim to help. They collect countless new experiences and special moments on the way - and once they return they have a lot of new stories to share!

Types of Volunteer Projects

Rainbow Garden Village offer 4 types of volunteer projects: working with children, animals, coaching sport, or environmental work. You'll be able to choose which area suits your interests.

It’s important to help the local community thrive - the goal is not to become solely dependent on the support provided by volunteer projects. By creating and sustaining a viable local economy, groups have a chance to grow into fully self-supported communities, which will then have a ripple effect on communities in the surrounding areas.

There are numerous overseas volunteering placements available worldwide, but you'll find that the majority are located in Africa and Asia, due the sheer number of developing countries on both continents. It depends on which program appeals to you, but whatever you end up doing, a willingness to roll your sleeves up and help out will always be appreciated.

  • Flexible start dates
  • Duration from 2 weeks+
  • Prices starting from £999
  • Go Global Funding available
  • Accommodation included
  • Meals included

Why Volunteer with an Agency?

A lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure that each project is ethical and sustainable, and delivers the maximum possible effect. This is where volunteers can become absolutely vital.

Working with a well-established project can ensure your time and energy don't go to waste. Volunteer agencies know what the communities needs are, and can help place applicants where they're needed the most. You'll have support throughout the volunteer process, as well as airport pickup and orientation upon arrival. Each program will also have meals and accommodation provided.

Volunteer agencies are a vital component in the mission to make a positive global impact. Helping developing countries to the extent that they thrive is a tall task, one that requires excellent coordination and communication. Volunteer agencies lead the way, by working closely with the communities who need help and understanding exactly what their needs are.

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