Not For Profit USA

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Key Info


An exciting opportunity to volunteer in the USA for up to three months in a Not-For-Profit organisation. We will work with you to tailor your placement towards your interests and passions, but on the whole, the massive range of opportunities sit within three main categories;

i) Educational opportunities like working in a youth centre or preschool,

ii) An arts/cultural organisation like an arts festival or theatre,

iii) An aid-giving organisation, like a medical centre or disaster recovery charity.

Examples include; digital marketing and communications at Golden Gate Opera House, or aid relief project management at the World Cares Center.

This opportunity only requires an ESTA visa (which is actually just a visa waiver) and is valid for three months of living (non-working) in the USA.

Who is it for
Interested in 3rd sector

Key Info

Volunteer fee
24 hour support
3 meals a day
Placement in not-for-profit

Additional information


ESTA visa waiver for UK residents. Simple documents and application, with 0-5 minute interview.

What does this visa mean?

3 month period in USA, not working

Programme Length

1, 2, 3 months

Programme Time

All year round

Types of placement

General Administration and social service, Education, arts and culture

Types of host organisations

Not for Profit organizations:

-       Educational

-       Arts and Culture

-       Aid and Outreach

Example of work activities

Traditional volunteer work, using skill set to aid voluntary organisations, shadowing employees, project management, working with communities (the elderly, children, low socio-economic areas)


Host families’ home

Work/Voluntary hours

Mostly 25-35 hours per week

Degree and work experience requirement

No degree or professional experience required, opportunities will be based on the interests of participant



How do I apply?

You'll need to start by ensuring you meet the eligibility requirements set out on the website; then just click 'Ready to Apply' above to start your Smaller Earth online profile. We'll need your application to be completed in full, as well as a copy of your most recent CV to be uploaded in order to check your suitability for the programme and find the opportunity that is right for you. Once we've confirmed this with you, you'll then be invited to pay your £250 deposit before moving on to the second phase of the application process.

What it is the latest I can apply?

You can apply any time before February 1st 2017. It is important to apply before the deadline for the Go Global fund.

The partner is increasing their prices, butif you apply before 5th of December, you will still get the old prices.

Link to the Go Global fund information here:



What Visa do I need?

You do not need a work Visa, just an ESTA, which is just a Visa waver. 

Is accommodation and food included?

Yes. You will be staying with a host family in the USA, and they will be providing you with three meals a day. This is included in the overall cost.

What are the prices?

With accommodation;

£1980 - 1 month

£2820 - 2 months

£3800 - 3 months

The prices will go up by £80 after christmas, due to a change in the partnership agreement.

What sort of organisations are there?

Some examples of the types of organisations are listed below;

But these are just a few of 100s of opportunities, and the type of opportunity, say in a museum, an aid organisation, or care centre, you may only be able to find once you apply. The matching process is amazing, and will mean that you find, from a very wide range, the volunteering opportunity that's right for you.