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Fancy spending your summer break from LJMU working and living in the Grand Ole US of A? Well you've come to the right place, because that's exactly what we're dishing out. Spend up to three months working in a luxury American resort in a variety of hospitality positions. Top that off with up to a month of travel afterwards and you're onto a winner. There's no better way to throw yourself into the American culture and discover everything that the country has to offer. Arrive in the States with your contract in-hand, accommodation secured and a whole summer of adventure stretching ahead of you! Resort Work USA is a great way to earn some money for further travel in North America or to bring back ready to start your new term at LJMU with a little money in your pocket. Plus you'll make lifelong friends from all over the world and make memories that are going to last a lifetime.

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Hospitality Experience
Customer Service Experience

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Resort Placement
Competitive wage
90 days insurance

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We work with some of America's top resorts, with locations all over the country. 

In the past we've had participants working at these top locations:

  • 5* Hotel, Maine
  • GrandView Lodge, Minnesota
  • Mohonk Resort, New York
In terms of the type of role you could be looking to land, will match you with the right job for your experience level and preferences. We've been matching participants with employers in America for 15 years now so we reckon we're a bit of a pro (we're modest too). We'll do our best to match you to a role that matches to your current course of study at LJMU if we can. Previous jobs have included:
  • Working on the front desk of 5* resort hotels
  • Food, beverage and guest services roles in bars, restaurants and hotels (i.e waitress/waiter, bar or kitchen work)
  • Behind the scenes roles in the kitchen or housekeeping
  • Lifeguards & tennis/sport coaches in hotels


What are the programme requirments?

As an LJMU student you alreayd meet the first requirment of being a full time student. Nice.

You'll also need to provide:

  • Proof of your student status (stamped or signed by your university or college)
  • Copy of the picture page of your passport
  • 3 references
  • Police Check (dated Sept 1st onwards)
How much does the programme cost?

Our Smaller Earth Resort programme is built with flexibility in mind, aimed to suit your needs. It costs £599 + $1450 in-country payment. 

What dates do I need to be available for?

Due to visa requirements you can only work in the USA between June 1st and Sept 15th. You do have up to 30 days to travel after your work contract ends.

  • Start Date - Most resorts will want you to start in early June and definitely no later than June 20th.
  • End Date - Most positions will end in September after a 10-12 week contract.
What's included?

What's included?

  •  Interview prior to departure with a resort who will...
    • organise accommodation on your behalf
    • have been fully vetted by Smaller Earth & our visa sponsor
    • allow access to site facilities during your time off
    • be individually matched to suit your skills, experience & preferences
  • Competitive wages based upon role
  • On site accommodation & food secured prior to departure
  • J-1 visa documentation
  • Up to 90 days medical insurance
  • Programme guidebook
  • Programme administration and supervision
  • 24-hour emergency assistance in the USA

What's not included?

  • Police Check - £45 paid directly to the government body
  • US Embassy, visa interview booking fee - $160 (£110) Paid to the US Embassy
  • Flights (Upgrade to flight-included package available)
How does the placement work?
We not only tailor our approach by finding the placement to suit you but we also help with all the documentation and arrangements required. The duration of your work and travel program will vary according to your availability however, the exact dates during which you can stay and work in the US are determined on your DS-2019 form (J-1 visa).
There is usually a minimum requirement of 3 months commitment with most placements, however you are eligible on the J-1 visa to work for a maximum of 4 months with a 30-day option to travel afterwards. Through the Resort Leaders program you'll get all of the information you need to ensure you're fully prepared for your trip. You'll be provided with full instructions for your travel from your UK departure airport to your place of work in America, easing any concerns of getting lost when you first arrive!
Everything you need to transform from lone traveller to cultural exchange guru will be supplied through your online profile and communications with our office.
What are the employers like?
Resort Work USA is a program based around trusted, top quality employers who are going to provide you with the opportunity to gain comprehensive experience working in a foreign culture. Our employers provide access to accommodation and food throughout the duration of your contract which is all pre-arranged before you travel so you don't need to be worried about finding somewhere to live (or eat) when you arrive.
All of our employers are fully vetted by our visa sponsors CENET (Cultural Exchange Network) inline with the US Department of State regulations. This means that the employer you'll be working with has been checked out to make sure they're up to scratch and are providing everything you need for a successful placement.
What about the visa?

Your visa will run for the extent of your contract, after this, you have 30 days to travel freely within the US so it's time to throw on your sunglasses, grab your friends and hit the road.

The Summer Work & Travel programme is administered in conjunction with our US Department of State authorised visa sponsors, Cultural Exchange Network (CENET). During your time in America twenty-four hour support is provided by the Smaller Earth office based in Connecticut who have access to your profile and can talk directly with your visa sponsor should any assistance be required. We've got your back.

Will I get to explore?

Whatever role you’re offered for your time in America, you're going to have plenty of opportunities to explore and the US is the place to go exploring! Whether you're into live sports, shopping, sightseeing, adventure sports... (the list goes on), America has it all so you're never going to be short of something new to try. You're going to have an experience that stays with you for life, alongside meeting new people and making friends from all over the world.