This is your chance to receive monthly funding whilst working abroad. If you're interested in our Au Pair Spain programme you can receive 350euros for each month that you spend working in Spain, this is in addition to your weekly pay from your host family. 

Erasmus+ traineeships (work placements) in Europe provide you with an opportunity to test your career ambitions and gain vital work experience during your time at University. Training abroad will boost your confidence, improve your language skills, enhance your CV and develop the employability skills that are in demand by employers worldwide.

What are the requirements for a traineeship placement?

A traineeship placement should be primarily a learning experience and must encompass the following:

  • Host must confirm the placement in writing (Our partner Club RCI will confirm this for you)
  • Placement must be academically suitable and agreed with the student's Erasmus Academic Coordinator
  • Well-organised traineeships that assist students to acquire practical experience and add practical skills to the knowledge and qualifications that have previously been gained through either formal or non-formal education. The traineeship should assist to orientate students professionally and also widen students’ perspectives of the working environment.
  • Carried out under guidance of a competent supervisor and have clear evaluation criteria of the traineeship period. Participants should be informed at the beginning of their traineeship experience of their social and labour rights.
  • Must be a minimum of two months/maximum of one year
Au Pair Spain Summer
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