The LJMU Go Global Fund provides financial support to LJMU students who wish to undertake a project or activity abroad. If you are looking to enhance your degree, improve your employability and have a life-changing experience, you could gain funding to help you realise your goals. This is your chance to have your trip funded. 

You can apply to the LJMU Go Global fund for grant money of between £100 - £2000 to enable you to travel overseas to gain:

  • Cultural awareness and exposure
  • Confidence in yourself in an international setting
  • Access to materials or locations relevant to the course of study

As your Trusted Travel Partner you can apply for funding for any of our Smaller Earth programmes. 

Your application must:
  • Be relevant to your degree, and will need to be signed off by your programme leader or personal tutor
  • Demonstrate creativity of thought and the development of an original and personal idea/objective
  • Involve observation and the intelligent use of experience in a scientific, cultural, environmental or business context
  • Provide a response to, or support for, a circumstance which benefits others
  • Result in a written report that you’ll need to submit upon your return

A number of LJMU students have already had their Go Global Funding applications approved for Smaller Earth programmes for this summer. We have Sport Science students heading on our Summer Camp program in the USA, Zoology students off to South Africa, History, English and Art students heading around Europe to gain their TEFL qualifications and a whole host of students heading to China and Canada. Apply now for your chance at having your summer trip funded. 

If you'd like some help with the Smaller Earth sections of your applications, simply arrange a time to come by our office on the Albert Dock - email uk@smallerearth.com with any questions. 

Please visit LJMU's Go Global for more information 

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